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Summary statistics (or DNA sequences) can be returned for the entire deme, or for a user-defined sample (i.e., to mimic population sampling in the real world).

The code is under active development to address a range of ongoing anthropological and ecological questions.SMARTPOP rapidly simulates population genetic data under a wide range of demographic scenarios and social behaviors, thus allowing quantitative analyses to address complex socio-ecological questions.Often studied in isolation, interest is now increasingly focused on how non-genetic factors, such as social behaviors, influence population genetic diversity.Because marriage rules automatically impose non-random mate choices, coalescent approaches (and other simulation programs that make this assumption) cannot be employed.Some forward-in-time simulators do possess the required flexibility to accommodate complex social rules – simu POP being an excellent example [], are fast but cannot simulate sex-specific genetic loci or mating alliances.

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As an alternative, we allow an optional buffering phase before each simulation, which employs an elevated mutation rate to reach levels of within-population diversity chosen by the user.

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