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She sadly miscarried, but not before informing her then-husband, playwright Arthur Miller, of the infidelity.

Mc Queen was recently divorced and Mac Graw married to producer Robert Evans when they co-starred as a couple on the lam in 1971's "The Getaway." Evans had encouraged his wife to take the role, which led to their divorce.

I walked him to the gate (gated condos) whereupon he punched me in the face and slugged me in the ribs, cracking one (or two? I then began worshipping his body, muscle upon muscle.I thought better when he invited me back to his place and asked me if anyone knew if I was at the bar we both went to. My partner and I picked up a 23 year old would-be dancer at a local club. We end up later on drinking Jack out of the bottle on my patio. Black bodybuilder type with a wifebeater showcasing his muscles on muscles, and he had and humungous cock he kept flashing at me. We snuck into the back booth together to get to work.The conversation turns to religion and I, being wasted, went on about what I thought about evangelical Christians. I'm a pretty classy guy when it comes to business, so I always pay first.At the time of their off-screen affair, both Curtis and Monroe were married to other people.In his memoir, "The Making of Some Like It Hot," Curtis revealed that Monroe became pregnant with his love child during filming.

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Mac Graw declined, left the car and never saw him again.

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