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If we keep our fantasies in darkness, they grow stronger.So maybe well find that through the Internet, were Gestalting out the demons that keep us from having healthy relationships." Perhaps.Participants risk of being victimized is heightened by the fact that the Internet also encourages a false sense of trust and of whats real and whats make-believe.There is no eye contact in cyberspace, no opportunity to hear the inflection in a persons voice.But something as yet unnamable is going on in chat rooms where an erotic scenario can shift to a gang bang with a few keystrokes from an observing male who jumps in with, "Lets skull-fuck the bitch." It is not that all, or even most, Internet sex is violent; rather, that the potential for violent intrusions hovers around any exchange, be it sexual or not.Women on the receiving end of this graphic sexual violence on the Net have indeed reported being traumatized by the experience. It hardly takes a rocket scientist to guess what may be going on in rooms with titles like "daughterblowsdad," "Unusual Desires," and "Torture Females." When I checked out "Torture Females" last October, a man threatened to burn my hand and hang a 19-pound weight from the inside of my vagina with sharp pins. And in one incest room, on more than one occasion, participants who claimed to be teenage boys described acts of sexual violence against female siblings that seemed all too real.

Two cases late last year seem to indicate that for some Internet users, there is a dangerous link between online fantasy and real-world behavior.But isnt it more likely that airing such violent inclinations freely and without reproach will merely normalize these tendencies, insuring society to the viciousness and inequality at its core?No doubt, the Internet makes it easier for disturbed people to find each other or to identify unwitting victims.Heres what appeared on my screen (although the names of the participants have been changed, they closely parallel the ones they used on-line); Greg0987: Hold her down, guys. But what effect does it have on us in both our real and virtual lives? Pussyeater: Dont move or Ill cut you with this knife. Do they belong merely to the realm of fantasy role-play or do they transform the sexual psyches of the participants?

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What made it especially scary is that, as far as they knew, I was just a young girl, a virgin in fact." Cesars story has disturbing implications. Or what if one of the male participants, some of whom may be teenagers themselves, decided to act his sick fantasies out on a real girl?

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