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Most of these calls are made by the server as users access databases (remember that Notes is client-server).

As a user makes changes to documents in a database, the current view for that user is updated immediately.

When the new view is open, it will reflect the updated documents.

Note that this update may take some time if many documents are involved (other user's updates are included), or if the view is complex.

The Black Berry® Enterprise Server depends on existing databases, such as the mail files and the IBM® Lotus® Domino® directory, for its operation.

Corruption of a database design, form, document, view, or index can cause a number of issues with the Black Berry Enterprise Server.

One post provides steps, apparently from IBM, to fix the problem.Requests normally comes from the Replicator, Router, or a user.Replicator When a database replicates, the Replicator adds an entry to the Update queue.Update will wait to combine multiple request for the same job.About 15 minutes after the replication ends, the Update queue kicks in, updating all the indexes on the database.

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