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PHOENIX -- The Cavs are off to a good start on this season-long, six-game road trip as far as roster moves and wins go.

But, like Friday's win over the Nets, Cleveland's 120-116 triumph over the Phoenix Suns on Sunday was perhaps more difficult than it needed to be.

There are lots of other options around though -- for example, try https:// which lets you set up lots of kinds of app server projects -- Java Tomcat included.

The inspections continue throughout the year, with the ratings designed to provide reassurance to customers.For instance, you can have a file containing header for all your pages which you can then include in all the pages on your website.Note: I said in this tutorial that jsp:include causes a separate browser request --- but actually this isn't quite right; jsp:include causes a sort of simulated request, apparently --- not an actual request from the browser.Here are five observations: - CLICK HERE to read full story.PHOENIX -- To the degree that there was any intrigue over whether De Andre Liggins and Jordan Mc Rae would be paid as NBA players the entire season, it's passed.

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