Dropbox not updating on computer

If you don’t already have an account, open the web browser on your PC, and go to dropbox.com/register.

Though the cloud sync password can be different than your login password, it can also be the same.

One possible use for the sync button is if you make a quick change to your database, but you need to close the app very quickly.

At this time, m Secure for Windows is not able to perform a sync when it is closed, so some of our customers perform a manual sync before closing the app after making a change to their data.

However, if I make a change in Mini Keepass, then export it to Dropbox, Dropbox is not recognizing that the file is newer.

I am assuming this is because Minikeepass has not saved the file. I tried setting the Close on Timeout to 30 seconds, but that doesn't seem close the database either.

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Updates from Computer - Mini Keepass work just fine.

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