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Bloodhounds have a droopy face and ears, so it’s important not to give them a diet full of messy food that can get stuck in the creases of its face.A normal dog’s diet of meat and whole ingredients like vegetables and potatoes can really give your Bloodhound plenty to chew on.

One legend states that a dog was able to track down a criminal over seven miles along a route that was heavily trafficked. Hubert’s Hound as well as the Sleuth Hound, the Bloodhound is able to track its pedigree back several hundred years, first earning its historical mentions and descriptions well ahead of many other dogs – minus the ancient dogs like the Pug.

The Bloodhound’s personality is among the best in the world of dogs and makes for a loyal house pet, a friendly companion, and a great long-term friend.

So let’s get to it and find out if the Bloodhound is really a good choice for you and your family’s next pet.

Well, before we get to that, let’s focus on what makes the Bloodhound unique in a world of hounds, spaniels, and terriers. They’re a relatively plain dog that usually wouldn’t be described as “cute” unless you’ve raised one from a puppy.

As you’re about to find out, there’s always more than meets the eye, and a great pet is more reliant on personality.

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