Distinguish between relative dating and radioactive dating

Some are not clearly demarcated as deposition of one layer may merge with another so that boundaries between them are unclear, or a layer may change in composition from place to place.

SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: obsidian hydration layer dating, obsidian dating CATEGORY: technique DEFINITION: A method of dating in which the age of an obsidian artifact is established by measuring the thickness of its (layer of water penetration) and comparing that to a known local hydration rate.

Art objects have been found and a skeleton in a top layer.

The various kinds of hearths and living areas may suggest different social groups inhabiting the area.

The most famous panel is of 15 bison, plus deer and horses.A layer in which archaeological material -- as artifacts, skeletons, and dwelling remains -- is found during excavation.It is the more or less homogeneous or gradational material, visually separable from other levels by a discrete change in the character of the material being deposited or a sharp break in deposition (or both). strata; layer CATEGORY: geology DEFINITION: The definable layers of archaeological matrix or features revealed by excavation; units of sedimentation greater than one centimeter thick.This technique allows the recognition of much slighter traces of ancient structures than other methods.On multi-period sites, however, it calls for much more meticulous recording since the stratigraphy is revealed one layer at a time.

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The layer of hydrated obsidian is visible when a slice of the artifact is examined under an optical microscope at a magnification of x 500.

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