Dating with warts

I personally don't feel like I can tell someone I've just met / am dating about all this. However I guess when people don't tell others, that's when it gets passed on.

I suppose the interesting thing about it all is the supposed percentage of people who have HPV. If statistics to be believed it could be as much as 2 out of 5 or certainly 2 out of 10.

As of September last year, I believe I have genital warts. I went to GUM, they couldn't see it and gave me the all clear - telling me I was free to have unprotective sex if I wanted (but safe sex was still advised). There's my backstory which I guess people might find useful to know of, my questions are as follows: Is my penis likely to be permanently scarred from the freezing treatment?

I think KNOWING you have the virus is actually worse than any warts.

I apologise for raising a topic which I'm sure has many times been discussed in the past. A month or two later it was back with a vengenance. I have since identified what a consider to be another wart - however it's hardly noticeable and I'm pondering whether to get it looked at or just ignore it.

I've searched the forums quite extensively and read up pretty much everything I can, but I'm still interested in some more views. The first time they gave me the blue Warticon solution which I dabbed on 3 nights a week. It was not particularly big, but it was visible to me, especially when my penis was of different sizes. The chances are they wouldn't be able to see it anyway or treatment would irritate it and make it worse than it is.

My GP diagnosed me last week and I have an appointment tomorrow with a sexual health clinic physician to seek treatment.

Its a cruel disease, I dont know who gave it to me and probably never will.

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