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The barcode contains service type, address information (Postal Code & address locators) and customer data.

[code barres bidimensionnel (2D)]Canada Post’s 4-state barcode contains addressing and customer-specific information which helps process and track mail items as they move through the distribution system.

Normally a single sheet or over cover that may be attached to the outside of the publication or enclosed with the host publication An Air Stage Office is a Post Office to or from which all mail must be airlifted for more than six months of every year as a viable surface transportation alternative is not available.

[Programme d’exactitude des adresses]a separate enclosure in a Publications Mail item used to provide the recipient’s address for delivery purposes.

Canada Post employees do not have the authority to sign on behalf of a customer during the course of their duties or while wearing their uniforms.

Canada Post offers customers the option of using a 2D data matrix barcode on mail items to increase creativity and help improve readability.

[client du service Correspondance-rponse d’affaires Special design or inscription on an envelope to commemorate a postal or philatelic event relating to the stamp, an advertisement forming part of a postage meter impression, or a motto or slogan included in a postal cancellation.

[flamme]All Regulations as defined in the Statutory Instruments Act and certain other classes of instruments and documents required to be published.

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