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Perhaps the common IT guy is now far removed from being cooked up in a stuffy dark room with only his high spec screens for company, and is instead placed in a high rise, air conditioned tech hub with plenty of places to seek out further entertainment once the office closes for the day.Sam, a 36 year old Software Specialist who uses the site, said “My life and job is very orderly.Becca Goldman and Mahvish Gazipura came up with the idea for Date ADev after hearing countless stories from frustrated colleagues who had no luck in love, especially when it came to online dating.

“There are a lot of successful, smart people with great jobs, a good personality, and a good education, but how do you set yourself apart from such a great pool?Other uses for this site name might include delivery of technical information, a job board, video instruction on technical tasks and so forth.Please let us know if you’re interested in obtaining this domain name. Does it feel like you are spending more of your precious time putting out fires than searching for sparks in your own life?If potential suitors are struggling to understand your SQL skills, or if trying to explain Java over an Americano is leaving you feeling frustrated, we can help." Thus begins the homepage of the newest company to join the jam-packed dating industry.

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