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Was their a moment/day when the idea of Radiate hit both if you and you both looked each other like “this is it, we need to do this.” Philip Sure was!

The Bro has his fraternity; the hipster has Urban Outfitters.

Go with the right group of friends and it can be the experience of a lifetime.

But get separated from your crew in this environment and you’ll be forced to make new ones. From the ' I make wiccans look normal' Minotaur Man pictured above to the motley crew below, there are certain people you just don’t want to meet.

We almost named it “Ravel” and almost kept Michael’s first project’s name “Ubble” but then I blurted out “Radiate”, our eyes met, smirks occurred, and we had ourselves a name.

The reason we settled on Radiate as a name is because it encompasses the underlying values of what we wanted to make/are making.

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