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It's to the point where I want to pull on my hair and quit.

I wanted to give this game a higher rating, but I just can't. She's just that frustrating, and the overall story isn't anything that great.

Introducing a free love game for girls involving pop stars, brothers and yandere(mad love)! Accidentally you lost your parents and left alone without a single relative and debts to pay.

Get random items which help you carrying on the story.-Avatar Decorate your own avatar with gorgeous traditional dresses!

Unfortunately, like in real life, one wrong move can be the end of a whole promising conversation.

Dating SIM aims to conquer this common problem by teaching people the proper etiquette to use when it comes to meeting new people and dating.

Similar to a real-life scenario, Dating SIM helps men to master the art of dating.

From starting a conversation to flirting, Dating SIM has already helped thousands of users to improve their dating skills.

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-CGs Gorgeously illustrated CGs are available to please your eyes! It costs if you buy some special scenarios and avatars. All you need to read are 5 tickets which are given everyday. Basically, you have a main route between two guys before you're paired up with one. Personally, not too big a deal for me since I have other otome games.

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