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Yugi's grandpa was gone for few weeks, to meet some old friends at Osaka, so Yugi was in charge of the Game Shop. Yugi would have liked to be outside, spending time with his friends, but at least he earned some extra spending money this way.He smiled at Kaiba brothers as he rushed past them to make tea. Kaiba himself looked very impatient, and it was as if Yugi could detect a hint of embarrassment on his face.

After the door had closed behind the man Kaiba sat down heavily on his chair. There was indeed plans of taking over the company using a legal loophole. So of course he would know that Kaiba had something important to say."Yes Seto? It's something I need to do, and I don't want you to be confused.

Makes it easier to say you've always liked them.""Good thinking," Kaiba said and Mokuba beamed as he always did when his brother parted even a slight compliment."Big brother? But I don't know if she would be willing to be your date. ""Jounouchi," Mokuba answered simply."Again, how do you know this stuff? Might cause some more publicity than intended, but then that could be just a good thing. He had hoped it would have been as easy as to snatch some woman off the street to play house with for couple of months, and then let her go with a sack of money and a promise to not tell anyone.

""I chat with Yugi occasionally."Kaiba let out a deep sigh. Kaiba poked the remains of his ice creams with his spoon. It was not nice to have his plans poked through so thoroughly, but Kaiba had it rather Mokuba be the one doing that. It might persuade the board that I really do like him, because I'd go to extra-lengths to pick someone unconventional.""Yup.""You had a suggestion, Mokuba. You've actually talked to each other."Mokuba looked at him with his big eyes. But here he was, actually considering asking Yugi Mutou to be his date.

True, he was young and being young and in charge of a multimillion company should have been more than he could take. That made him a bold and just a bit scary opponent, but it also made him just a bit of a fool. " he repeated."You must be in a relationship." A nervous man explained.

To balance his occasional foolishness, he was also insanely smart and resourceful. He was one of the Kaiba Corp's younger lawyers, clearly trying to get himself in a good position by ratting on his co-workers.

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Written for my friend Urpo, who was generous enough to give me some Yugioh-prompts when I asked.

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