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The input, coupling , and clipping caps were all common .1u F. (Thanks to Chris Martin for photos and Kurt for additional information, and Edkoppel for alerting me to one on ebay).

Diodes were Silicon recifier type, and the Motorola NPN Silicon transistors were marked with a non standard number, Motorola SPS 3353, likely a special house mark created for Jordan. See the fuzz pedal timeline here for more information about other fuzz releases from this era.

On the middle-left is the Jordan Gig Wa-Wa, built into the same style cast aluminum enclosure. Targ & Dinner was a Chicago based wholesale musical equipment distributor and retailer, and would later have their own branded version of the Big Muff, the Marveltone Distortion Sustainer.

George Cole created this modified clone of that circuit.Around 1971 a pedal with a circuit nearly identical to the Big Muff appeared on the market, the Jordan Creator.It was manufactured in the USA by Jordan Electronics, a small California pedal effects company owned by Victoreen Instrument Company.Supposedly one of the employees of Jordan brought in a Big Muff Pi and everyone in the shop loved it.George Cole made some modifications to the component values and the Creator Volume Sustainer (model #6000) was born.

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Feedback resistors were low 220k to 270k, values very uncommon in real Big Muffs.

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