Dating for diabetic singles

This is actually the typical date that most people wish for and expect.

But when it comes to dating someone with diabetes, this may not always be what one may expect. Yes, diabetes is a condition where diet is very important.

While going on a date is considered as a romantic event, there are certain instances where it may offer certain challenges.

For a person dating with a diabetic, the challenge is sometimes taken to a whole new level.

Some of these helpful tips were featured in d Life’s story ʺSupport Your Loved One with Diabetes.ʺ 1. Post these important phone numbers near their landline and add them into your cell phone. Find out the type of medication they are taking and where they store their medication. Learn about their glucose readings and their glucose reading device.

This can sometimes mean going to your favorite restaurant may be out of the question.He’d casually take out his glucose monitor, prick his finger and wait for his reading. We worked out together, walked everywhere and attended baseball games.Also, we attended oodles of summer music and art festivals.Many diabetics require monitoring or keeping track of their blood sugar levels to ensure that they maintain it at levels that won’t cause them any problems.Doing so would sometimes require doing several times in a day.

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You might even experience seeing it done several times during the date.

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