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The reason I want to know is because I'm selling it on ebay, and I want to be sure if it's original or not.

Here's the speaker: If it's not original, it definitely looks like it is. __________________ Gear: Samick 4 string electric bass (made fretless) Homemade electric guitar, SSH pickup combo Fender Squier Mini electric Takamine Jasmine acoustic Ibanez acoustic Burswood acoustic 2 Behringer V-tone GM108 amps Tube Works 7200 "Mosvalve" bass combo amp Yamaha 4x12 cabinet (TS412A) '71 Fender Princeton Reverb amp Tube MP Studio preamp Rocktron Banshee talkbox Danelectro DJ-6 Pepperoni phaser pedal Behringer DD400 delay pedal It's the original factory speaker.

These are usually in the form of a six-digit number with the following formatting scheme: The first three digits represent the manufacturer code, the next digit represents the year of production and the last two digits represent the week of production.

Thus as an example 606452 is a transformer code: 606 tells us it is a Schumacher transformer made in either 1964 or 1974 and and it was built on the last week of December.

The first of the three digits tells us the last digit of the year (unfortunately not decade specific) and the last two numbers tell us the week.

In the above example, the transformer was made in either 1966 or 1976, week 45.

Most post tweed Fenders had trannys manufactured by Schumacher.

They used a code like this: 606 – 645 The date is in the last three digits, after the 606 – .

So if your blackface amp has a date code stamp of OB, it was made in 1965/February.Many silverface and some blackface amps have the exact week, month and year stamped insie the chassis.Here’s a link to a great webpage that has compiled the dating list for Fender Serial Numbers.To give an example, a typical Oxford speaker from the ’60s will look something like: 465-217.465 designating the Oxford EIA code, 2 designating the year 1962, and 17 designating the 17th week of ’62.

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