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Some like to plan it small, to go abroad on a vacation and then maybe plan a small party for their family and friends at home in the garden.Many Swedes also choose to say “yes” outside and in nature (on a beach, or in a garden) and many people are choosing to use an officiator instead of getting married in a church.For an inside perspective on Swedish wedding customs we spoke with Swedish Photographer, Tove Möller Gunnarson, who shared her impressions from behind the lens.I notice, in my work, that a lot of couples in Sweden want to find “their own” style for their wedding day.Swedish men are also likely to speak calmly and to refrain from displaying anger or other strong emotions.

If you’re in Sweden for Valentine’s Day and about to go on your first date with a Swede, here are some insights on what you could/should expect.The choice of church, where to host the reception, the party and accommodation for the guests are also important when choosing a place to be married. Just kidding, but all Swedes know that it can be freezing cold and rainy even if you choose to hold your wedding in the middle of the summer.This forces you to have all sorts of backup plans if the weather isn’t cooperating with you.They will tend to take their family lives very seriously too and this is something you should respect and take time to be a part of. With spring slowly blossoming into life all around us; it’s no wonder that this time of year sprouts tantalizing thoughts of matrimony for couples everywhere.

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