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During the late 20's and into the 30's the Pottery produced products that were fired with blended glazes and the designs were predominately dominated by, leaf and berry motifs. Nelson Mc Coy, Sr., Nelson Melick, and later Nelson Mc Coy, Jr.

operated the pottery for 57 years until it was sold in 1967 to the owners of the Mt.

It’s as if a new person were emerging from inside of me. ” “Date helped my eight-year-old son find an inner sweetness that he thought could only come from eating sugar.

Rarely do I let him eat white sugar, and rarely does he ask for it. We had just moved from the city to the country, and he was quite homesick for his friends.

Designer Accents operated for about five years until closing in late 1990.

Those are sloppy looking fakes, don't be taken by buying one of those jars, when you can get an authentic jar for the same price online.

*Note Clay Art also produced a very similar looking jar, with New Orleans on the Grand Marshal's banner. Other Mardi Gras jars include the Alfano Studios mask (linked below); a Marilyn Monroe as Grand Marshall in a parade car also from Clay Art.

Quality: Tender Sweetness Message of Self-Mastery: Attunement to others’ feelings; discrimination; receptivity; open-mindedness; easy to talk to; welcoming; a magnetic nature; for dealing kindly with the public; self-nurturance.

Yes, the jar above shows Eli's cookie jar, but if you look at the small inset, you can see the identical Braums jar, the only difference is the logo on the pocket.

Both jars were made and customized by Treasure Craft, who also made the jar without a logo, e.g. The Cool Cow Cookie Jar was the second of four jars produced by Braums' Dairy and as with all their jars, it was only available directly purchased from their stores. This is the third jar in the Braums series of cookie jars and it's another jar that was customized by Treasure Craft.

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