Dating an egyptian american men

The second date was much like the first, more talking the second date but hours of kissing.

He also asked if I would consider getting married again, I have been divorced.

Now a year and one half later I gave him a business card (I sell real estate) after a very profound dream I had.

Shenouda came to me in the dream kissed me and went to turn away. Then two days later he called and we went on our first date.

I also had a huge pool party at my home for the Fourth of July. Hi Christieann, Just becareful with ANY man who comes ur way even the american ones.. Life may be short, doesn't mean we have to jump the gun so fast... Salam: Jannah The person you should ask all these questions is him.

Originally posted by Christieann: I first met Shenouda about a year ago.

He came into my place of work, told me that he would quit his job so he could look into my eyes all day.

One factor I left out was when we first met, and he gave me his number I asked how old he was.

He is 28 I told him I was 40 and divorced and had children. I thought about this alot, he comes from a very wealthy family ( I have done business with his Uncle). He has many egyptian freinds here with him they all work for Shenouda.

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