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The next day I never heard from her, but the day after I was notified that she had “noticed me in her daily matches” (liked my picture among other guys pictures) but still no response from her to my last message.

A couple more days went by and still nothing – this was odd, we definitely had a great conversation the other day and its very rare for girls to just up and vanish like that after showing interest as she had. She sent me a message that there had been a death in her family that was pretty serious which was why she’d been absent and she was wondering if I was still interested in meeting for a coffee sometime.

Purse in lap, jacket on – purse back on table, jacket undone, a few times.

I then got up and said “shall we” and we both exited the cafe and faced each other on the sidewalk – I gave her a big hug (which I think she thought was going to be a big kiss), told her she should take some time to herself and not run back to work so fast.

No way…she’s clearly just looking for a change of scenery or more likely her fathers death hasn’t even hit her yet.

I drove over and got to the parking garage pretty early, we were meeting at but I got a text from her at that she was there and got good seats for us, I messaged her that I’d be there in a few minutes and walked over.

Empathizing With a Know-It-All Engaging a Know-It-All Enduring a Know-It-All Community Q&A Smarty pants, wise guy, smart aleck – we all know one.

We sent 5-6 messages back and forth through the dating site before night fell and I didn’t get a response from her to my last one, I figured she’d get back to me the next day and left it at that.As I walked in I saw her sitting and looking pretty good, she welcomed me with a big smile and a hug, before pulling out her purse “I have some change for coffees” before I assured her that I could cover it with a nice laugh and told her to hold the seats while I went and got our drinks.As I came back she quickly jumped into dialogue – which were mostly questions for me.Sometimes it is utterly unbearable to spend time with these annoying individuals even if you have tried to engage, endure, or even empathize with them.In the end, it might be best just to avoid them, but if they are friends, family, or coworkers of people you know, it is still possible to come into contact with them.

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