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Jamie Dornan's Christian Grey was seen presenting Dakota Johnson's Anastasia Steele with a spanking new car as the pair shot scenes for Fifty Shades Of Grey in Vancouver, Canada, on Thursday With her white shirt and skinny jeans sticking to her slim figure, Dakota appeared keen to get the scenes shot as quickly as possible, with crew on the film seen wrapping her up in towels in between takes.

It was certainly an eventful and full day of filming for Dakota, who had earlier been seen wearing a pretty checked dress and dark blazer over sheer tights and pumps as she shot scenes which appeared to show her going off to work.

You want to be calm, in control, and focused as you firmly spank your child, being very careful to respect his body.

As your children get older and begin to think more abstractly, spanking becomes less effective and less necessary.

If Johnny says, "I'm a bad person" or "You don't like me anymore," affirm how much he is loved and how special he is, but turn his attention immediately back to his actions.

You want him to understand that the act was wrong and that he is fully capable of doing the right thing. In public, it can be a trip to the restroom for a young child or a firm statement that "we need to talk later" to an older child.

This is an extremely practical method that will save you a lot of second-guessing.

Remember the point of a spanking: It's to sting, to provide a painful deterrent to misbe­havior, not to injure.

Obviously, the biblical approach is balanced, reasonable and controlled.Many parents make the mistake of asking, "Why did you do that?" That's not a good question; "why" doesn't help him admit his responsibility in the situation.Effective Parenting In A Defective World by Chip Ingram So let's get very practical.What does it look like to spank in a way that obeys Scripture, modifies attitudes and behavior, and actually strengthens the bond between parent and child?

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