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Sometimes when we come to passages like Matthew’s condensed Christmas story, we don’t come with that childlike curiosity and wonder—looking at the everyday with awe, perceiving the familiar as fascinating. Welcome to the largest and fastest growing online community for single Christians.The concept of Dating is new to our African culture and does not seen to have been the custom of Bible times. Many youth are under pressure to date, just because must of their friend, are dating and they don’t want to look old fashion.• Some say dating is a point of the natural development of a person• If you always turn boys down you will be unpopular and No one will ask you out or marry you.• Some date just to satisfy their desire for warmth and affection Decisions to Date.

Initially launched in 2001, the site now has more than We know that shared beliefs are the best foundation for a lasting and fulfilling relationship.

Good looks, beauty, and attractiveness can only carry a relationship so far.

The truth is, when we learn to pursue a lasting reality over a fleeting fantasy we are doing more than just looking for the right kind of person, we are becoming a better person ourselves in the process.

Sometimes its even a problem among youths themselves.

Young people are beginning put much time, thought, energy and resource into the dating pressures.

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When to start dating.: How old should one be before going out on a date?

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