Christian argument against carbon dating

He went on to compare these findings with what past civilizations once believed while basking in the awe of our growing understanding of our universe and our place in it.Religious fundamentalists took issue that Tyson wrote off Christianity as they did with all other past failed religious contributions to science.

Tyson launched a direct attack on young earth creationism in this episode.Episode 2: “Some of the Things That Molecules Do”Evolution is a fact, and Tyson did not hold back his words or feelings when expressing this. Creationists often see the eye as far too complex to have evolved, but Tyson tears this argument down, showing viewers how the eye developed from very simple organisms that had an eye just to see light to the very complex eyes we see today, to the flaws in the eye that show if designed, it was done so poorly.He tore down the one argument creationists and intelligent design proponents have attempted to hold onto for years: Irreducible complexity, the idea that some functions or organs are too complex to have been built from scratch. This episode really set off groups like Answers in Genesis, a creationist organization ran by Ken Ham, the owner of the Creationist Museum, most known for his debate with Bill Nye (the Science Guy) about evolution versus creationism.Episode 3: “When Knowledge Conquered Fear”The world almost never knew the greatest works of Isaac Newton.The Royal Society was financially failing, books were not selling and new books could not be published and claims of plagiarism were running wild.

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