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I remind you returned missionaries that your preparation for life and for a family should be continuous. As a returned missionary, you “should be anxiously engaged in a good cause, and do many things of [your] own free will, and bring to pass much righteousness.”Please use the skills you learned on your mission to bless the lives of people around you every day.

Do not shift your focus from serving others to focusing exclusively on school, work, or social activities.

You young adults should enroll in an institute of religion.

For example, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve assigns every missionary to his or her mission.

That is simply a reflection of the reality in a worldwide church of more than 15 million members.

I know I speak for my brethren when I tell you that we wish it were possible for us to know all of you personally and to be able to tell you that we love you and that we support you.

If you find yourself lacking in any of these simple principles, then I urge you to courageously repent and bring your life back in line with gospel standards of righteous discipleship.

Now, brethren, may I offer additional counsel that will help you get your testimony of the gospel deep in your hearts and your souls?

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Please look at me for a few minutes as though you and I were the only ones in the room, wherever you are tonight.

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  1. Dalam waktu berpantang ni (pantang lah sangattttt), selain dari working from home, aku juga telah menjadi pemerah tetek sepenuh masa. Alaaaaah, kalau takat nak bagi aku kuar berpeluh takyah suruh aku berkain batik berlengan panjang bersweater segala, ko kasik aku beromen je sudah. Contohnya, sedara aku yang datang ke rumah konon nak melawat aku bersalin. Kalau aku tau tujuan sebenar dia nak berbisnes, memang siang-siang aku mangga gate dengan rantai kapal.