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Going to work out at a Cross Fit box means seeing one of my closest friends.It has involved dinners out, a few wine tastings, and even just walks around the lakes in my community to catch up.” All of the female entrepreneur’s reasons for The conversation was calm and respectful, with both of us just trying to help the other understand our position.It ended politely, but with neither one of us shifting in our thoughts regarding her hiring practices.Men and women, but , have to lift up and provide opportunities to ALL without discrimination. The rest of the women had the same responsibility I did to challenge what she was saying. Join me in supporting ALL people ALL the time, no matter how uncomfortable it is to call someone out. If you recently spoke up in support of a group of marginalized people, tell me about it below!

Instead of sitting in a puddle of tears, I decided to spend inaugural night attending a special women’s event held at a D. Along with inspiring speakers and great food was the feeling of camaraderie among young girls and women.I thought about what one thing seems to be slipping away or bothering me, and just hone in on improving that single aspect of my life.What I realized is that at my stage in life, girlfriend time doesn’t happen unless someone makes a plan.It might only be snippets of time in all of our busy schedules, but we are making time to get together.And, what I have found when reaching out to initiate, is that all of us feel the same way about the lack of social time we have now that the kids are older.

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