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Both had been shot in the head multiple times; the girl had been sodomized.

The day after Valentine’s Day in 1981, one of Woodfield’s former flames, Julie Reitz of Beaverton, Ore., was shot dead in her home.

In January 1981, he struck again in Salem, sexually assaulting and then shooting two young women, Beth Wilmot and Shari Hull. In early February, he took his crimes into the California towns of Redding, Yreka, and Mountain Gate.

A wave of robberies and sexual assaults was capped off with the double murder of Donna Eckard and her 14-year-old daughter.

Interstate 5 stretches nearly 1,400 miles from the Mexican border to British Columbia.

Except for a brief section where it is known as the San Diego Freeway, most natives simply refer to the road as “The Five.” But in the 1980s, it might just as well have been called the Highway of Death.

Woodfield was in jail for a few years when it became apparent that another serial killer was on the loose along the interstate.

In July 1986, a fisherman found a body in a wilderness area near Sacramento.

Handsome and athletic, Woodfield landed a spot on the Green Bay Packers football team in 1974, while he was still in college. Although never confirmed by the team, his long-term hobby — flashing — got him cut from the Packers a year after he was chosen, wrote Ann Rule in her book “The I-5 Killer.” Back home in Portland, he was soon arrested for attacking women, forcing them to perform oral sex, and then stealing their purses.Miss Briggs, who is a student nurse and worked as a HCA for five years before starting her training, said: "I was in a coffee shop in the queue talking to a friend and she asked how my nursing was going and if I was still enjoying it."I said it was really good, I was getting good experience moving around with placement but the money was hard.I have had hundreds of messages on Facebook, some very touching from people who have terminal illness just sharing their gratitude."Some actually thanking me for saying it publicly as they get called 'just a HCA' all the time and it made them feel better about themselves.

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In June 1981, he went on trial in Salem for Hull’s murder.

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