Chalker updating the model of female sexuality

For over 2,500 years, the clitoris and the penis were presumed to be equivalent in all respects.

She has published articles for Ms., The Village Voice, and Self, among other magazines and academic journals, and often lectures on women's health and sexuality issues.

The exploitation of women and girls in the commercial sex industry is a human rights violation, and the demand for commercial sex is the main driving force behind sex trafficking.

Canada, as a party to the UN Trafficking Protocol, has an obligation to “discourage the demand that fosters all forms of exploitation of persons, especially women and children, that leads to trafficking.” Seeking to normalize and legitimize the sex industry by decriminalizing its surrounding activities is in direct opposition to this obligation.

The Native Women’s Association of Canada remarked on the impact of decriminalization of brothels on Aboriginal women: “The state has pushed Aboriginal women from one institution to another – residential schools, foster homes, group homes, and prisons…NWAC refuses to accept brothels as the new official institution for Aboriginal women and girls.” While people in prostitution should never be criminalized, full decriminalization of the sex industry does not prevent exploitation or further the human rights of people in prostitution, especially in a context marked by inequality.

As has happened in Germany and the Netherlands after they legalized pimping and brothel-keeping, it will only serve to empower and embolden pimps, brothel owners and the men who buy sex, and undermine efforts to combat sex trafficking and exploitation within the prostitution industry.

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