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However, Luna is soon enlightened by Nicole that Castro's birthday isn't until August, so she quickly turns her car around and drives back.Robert is seen playing checkers with Uncle Ruckus at the park, both unaware that Luna is spying on them while they are playing their game.Huey accepts, and ends up being utterly and severely beaten.She later regrets it and punches a hole in the wall for beating up Huey.In a flashback, Luna is shown in one on one deathmatches which she dominates, before ripping her opponent's still-beating heart out (a reference to Mortal Kombat).

The boys return home later and find their rooms ransacked and the windows barred with nails.Huey tells Granddad that that Luna cannot really be a White Lotus master, and leaves the bathroom to express his skepticism to Luna herself.She offers to give him a demonstration in the form of 'a friendly sparring match'.Both of the boys are a little wary, Riley especially believes she is going to steal their cash, but Granddad dismisses their concerns and assures the boys everything will be fine.Huey simply does not believe meeting someone so early is wise.

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Determined to not give up, Robert turns to web-cams to better his chances of finding a real 'cutie-pie'.

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