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MICRELL is specially formulated with a quick-acting antimicrobial agent (PCMX) to kill germs, a light scent and an effective degreasing agent that makes it perfect for foodservice environments.Its non-irritating formula also makes MICRELL ideal for frequent use in a variety of settings, including schools, health clubs, offices and recreation areas.Accounts tags are local data that provide convenient storage and enable complex queries.For example: Asset tags are a local-only supplement to the asset definition and can be used to query the blockchain. Builder() Alias("bob") Root Xpub(bob Key.xpub) Quorum(1) Tag("type", "checking") Tag("first_name", "Bob") Tag("last_name", "Smith") Tag("user_id", "67890") Tag("status", "enabled") .create(client);new Asset. Builder() Alias("acme_bond") Root Xpub(asset Key.xpub) Quorum(1) Tag("internal_rating", "B") Definition Field("type", "security") Definition Field("sub-type", "corporate-bond") Definition Field("entity", "Acme Inc.") Definition Field("maturity", "2016-09-01T ") .create(client); Transaction.

For example: Transaction reference data can be included at the top level of a transaction or on individual actions when building a transaction.Escutcheon locks to body with concealed locking mechanism that is opened with special key provided.To fill from top, unlock cover and remove piston, spout, and supply-tube assembly.This is useful for information you do not wish to publish on the blockchain, but rather distribute out of band to relevant parties. Control With Account() Account Alias("alice") Asset Alias("acme_bond") Amount(100) )Action(new Transaction. Set Transaction Reference Data() Reference Data Field("external_reference", "12345") ).build(client);tx_with_ref_data = do |b| b.issue asset_alias: 'acme_bond', amount: 100 b.control_with_account account_alias: 'alice', asset_alias: 'acme_bond', amount: 100 b.transaction_reference_data external_reference: '12345' end Transaction. Issue() Asset Alias("acme_bond") Amount(100) )Action(new Transaction. Asset tags also allow you to add additional local data about an asset that you didn’t create. Builder() Alias("alice") Root Xpub(alice Key.xpub) Quorum(1) Tag("type", "checking") Tag("first_name", "Alice") Tag("last_name", "Jones") Tag("user_id", "12345") Tag("status", "enabled") .create(client); new Account. Issue() Asset Alias("acme_bond") Amount(100) )Action(new Transaction. Template tx With Action Ref Data = new Transaction.

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