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My parents are Christians, and whilst I’m convinced they’d have come to terms with having a gay daughter eventually, it wouldn’t have been easy for them.But I lied mainly because I was still figuring out what the fuck I “was”.A husband many be gay and display none of those signs or a husband may display these signs and not be gay.These signs of a gay husband are designed as a starting point.

If it turns out that a husband is, in fact, gay, the fallout can be difficult to deal with, particularly for the straight partner.Plus I didn’t want to be popping in and out of the closet like a jack-in-the-box.Telling your family that you’re gay remains a very brave, potentially traumatic and admirable decision.Since October I’d been going out with a gorgeous, funny and ridiculously popular girl called Lola, a psychology student in her final year.When I arrived back at the family home in Belfast, I bottled it and told my parents I’d just started seeing another student named “Lee.” Hands up - I lied partly because I didn’t want to rock the boat.

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