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Over the years, it has been renamed Telecom House, Equity Corp, before taking its present name.

The site includes 3222 square metres of Wellington City Council leasehold land, which has a 21-year lease with an option to extend. CBRE senior director Bill Leckie, who was marketing the property, said the building was originally put on the market in November last year, but attracted no bids.

These clues to your personality are, alongside your picture, the main motivation for a potential partner to contact you.

Introduce your personal qualities in order of strength so these are memorable.

To help our users achieve that end, Elite Singles has discovered the four crucial traits that are shared by the most successful profiles. Be interesting, distinguish yourself, and express your personality as much as you can.

Studies have shown that these self-descriptive parts of an online dating profile influence attractiveness much more than the fixed-choice questions, so ensure you take advantage of them.

Review it occasionally, add new achievements, or update your interests to best reflect your current character.

Not only does this tell people you are an active member and still interested in finding a date, but discovering a new passion might just open up more potential partners.

The property has been home to head offices for Telecom and BP New Zealand.Research suggests that although an online dating profile with large amounts of information encourages relatively fewer contacts, those who do make contact are much more compatible for a meaningful relationship.A more engaging, detailed on-page personality will indicate a more passionate and interesting individual; exploit the room you have to show people your depth of personality.If your profile is visited regularly, but you think you should receive more contact requests, it could be worth changing your photo. Research clearly shows that portrait photos are most successful.An online dating profile should naturally focus on you and honestly embody your personality, since relationship success is more likely when a first online impression corresponds closely to the in-person reality.

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In one study, extraversion was indeed positively correlated to success for all daters though, interestingly, male profiles found much more success with a smart and serious style of photo than women.

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