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Also, as the image progresses I find myself drawn into a world where up and down almost become arbitrary. Looking a the coral you would think the child is swimming downward but with the sky it is like he is swimming up.

:3 he's become one of my mainly used OCS, Those that follow me on Instagram know this :3 im mostly on Instagram so go give a follow :3 my name is Skywolffang.

Maruti unveiled the new Vitara at the Paris Motor Show 2014.

Though honestly, something about pencil makes it beautiful, but the way you used color to create fields of color referencing scales without rendering it all the same... It forces depth and perspective and makes for a much more visually active piece. And the bubbles swirling around to form the clouds. If you love the Anime and Manga gallery, enjoy to help others, promote art, host contests/events/projects/etc. As contributor you have access to the admin area, where you can communicate with your Anime and Manga CVs and think of fun activities! , the DA Anime and Manga HQ, is looking for contributors. Spam us with your ideas for the Anime and Manga Community.This movie is one of my favorite from the recent Disney era. This is terrific and hope you don't mind if I really do use this as wallpaper.

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