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The International Air Transport Association (IATA) refers to Bermuda as in North America. There are no airport jet ways in Bermuda so passengers in wheelchairs or who have mobility problems and cannot mount and dismount aircraft steps unaided should ask ahead of time for airline assistance when arriving and departing.Bermuda is 568 miles east of North Carolina, 693 miles south east of New York (with direct daily connections by air), 729 miles south of Nova Scotia (with a seasonal once-weekly direct connection by air), 770 miles south east of Boston (with a direct daily connection by air), 788 miles north east of Nassau (no direct connection by air but via the USA), 1115 miles south east of Toronto (with a direct daily connection by air), 1290 miles north of Puerto Rico (no direct connection by air but via the USA), 2055 miles from Winnipeg (no direct connection by air but via Toronto) and 2996 miles from London, England (with a direct six times a week in summer and three times a week in winter connection by air). All passengers pay both these, built into the cost of their tickets.Bermuda subsidizes airlines flying to and from Bermuda and may not wish to dilute their effect on Bermuda by seeing them go to competing jurisdictions.Those other islands also subsidize their flights and don't wish to share them for similar reasons.

Bermuda's present BA service is always full as Bermuda is a world international business insurance centre and for this alone is probably hugely more profitable than its pre-1960s service from London to Bermuda and the Caribbean.2016. Tourism Minister Mr Crockwell said that the Bermuda Government had significantly reduced its Minimum Revenue Guarantee (MRG) liability, through which airlines are guaranteed a minimum return for their service.

The Bermuda Government pays out an annual million-plus subsidy to airlines when they fail to meet their revenue projections in accordance with the minimum revenue agreements Government entered into with airlines flying to Bermuda dating back to 2007.

Airlines have a uniform policy of building into their fares structure wherever they go a standard formula for their cost of doing business there.

Most tourism destinations have a significant MRG liability because you want to preserve your flights, but quite a few of our flights have been doing well, and therefore we have not been forced to pay out those MRGs.

We do have MRGs, and you will see them in the budget, but they are significantly less than what we have paid out year after year."Small islands and countries not attracting a million or more visitors every year have a challenge getting flights.

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