Benefits of consolidating suppliers

In- kind food aid from the US is the WFP’s main resource.

A relatively small number of relief NGOs specialize in food-related emergency relief and are predominantly US-based, such as World Vision, CARE, and Catholic Relief Service (CRS).

In effect, the CSSD ensures that food aid does not The CSSD is based in Washington D. Its main function is to avoid the displacement of commercial imports by food aid and it does not constitute an instrument favoring an adequate use of food aid to fight hunger.

Mousseau’s criticizes the FAC quite a bit as well, noting for example, its commercial interests exemplified by it being housed in the International Grains Council, a commercial trade promotion body based in London.

It handles 99 percent of multilateral food aid, generally in partnership with NGOs and government institutions, which are in charge of food distributions in recipient countries.

Rather than being free food as such, recipient countries typically purchase the food with money borrowed at lower than market interest rates.Chris Barrett of Cornell University and Dan Maxwell of CARE, in a presentation titled, Food Aid After Fifty Years: Recasting Its Role The tying of food aid with conditions that benefit the donor has been one of the reasons food aid has not been effective, and criticized for benefiting multinational food companies and donor nations more than recipients.Back to top Food aid constituted over 20% of global aid flows in the 1960s, but is now less than 5%.Yet, it is still important because of the prevalence of world hunger and the increase in food emergencies in the past decade.The decline of food aid, as well as the way in which it is delivered and used, are therefore of importance.

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