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PARADE GROUND:8)The Net;9)Gold Rush;10)Action Replay Kn K:11)Colt .45 12) Forgive My Sins UNIVERSAL INDICATOR:13) A1 Untitled ;14) A3 Untitled SUPERSIMMETRIA:15) Unobservable Matter;16) Quantum Fluctuations WIELORYB:17)Organ;18) Seretik WINTER SEVERITY INDEX:1)A Quiet Life;2)Backstroke RAZORLINE:3)Winter Night;4)Screamers BLACK LIGHT ASCENSION:5)Safe At Home;6)Teeth PARADE GROUND:7)Moan On The Sly 8) Riddle In The Stained Glass Windows;9)Retired BOARDS OF CANADA:10)M9;11)5.9.78 Kn K:12)Left Behind 13)Fall Down WIELORYB:14)Umbro 15) Symbiotik;16)Mona Liza 3.0 AMBASSADOR ) Power Rage Riot Death (V.2015);18)Face Your Future Killers (V.2015) WINTER SEVERITY INDEX:1)Paraphilia 2) Athlete RAZORLINE:3)Skinsex;4)The Box BLACK LIGHT ASCENSION:5)Ten Minutes To Midnight FATBOY SLIM:6)It's A Dream 7) Knuf Of Knup BOARDS OF CANADA:8)Mansel 9) She Is P;10) I Love U;11)King Of Carnival KNK:12)Empty Future ; 13)Lost God WIELORYB:14)Behi Jessir (44 Second Long Remix) AMBASSADOR )Empire Must Fall;16)Black Dot ATARAXIA:1)Rosso Sangue 2) Galatia IL GIARDINO VIOLETTO:3)Locust POST CONTEMPORARY CORPORATION:4)Bob Marley Era Una Brutta Persona;5)Hidalgo De Bragueta (Ulderico Muñoz y Muñoz Del Caramuzal) RAZORLINE:6)Secrets;7)Overtime FATBOY SLIM:8)Sunset 303 BOARDS OF CANADA:9)Light, Clear Hair 10) P.

Weekly bio postings of different Actors, Actresses, Filmmakers, etc.

She became, thus, the aged whore-- used up and no longer desired.

Her career on film was over as of 1926 when she was just over 40-years-old.

who influenced the way we look at celebrity, cinema, and civilization.

This blog will delve into the good, the bad, and the ugly, in attempts to honor the people who made Hollywood the place (and the symbol) it is today.

Thus, they would distract the man holding the check book with one delicate hand and slap him fiercely with the other.

Their ambition gave them a killer instinct that made them impenetrable. Clara's success was certainly aided by her extraordinary beauty and unapologetic sensuality.

Walking the fine line between being attractive and becoming an ornament is not always easy.

What is a sex-object, and can the pawn just as equally be the player??? Fashioned by Fox, Thedosia Goodman was built from the ground up to be a dangerous, foreign temptress. With her coal-black eyes and opulent figure, not to mention jaw-droppingly revealing clothing-- particularly in those times ( would use religious plotlines to delve into his own naughty sensibilities, Theda was the warning of evil that we were all meant to learn from-- i.e.

the "slut" you were not to do or be-- and while learning the lesson, we got to indulge in her sins along with her-- "win-win," as they say.

Thus, when the fad of "Theda Bara" had lost its allure, so too did Theda lose her career.

had drained every last ounce of coin that he could and cast her aside.

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