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He’s always offering me back rubs and saying, “Don’t lift anything! We’ve grown way closer, and he’s been so nurturing. The only catch: You can’t lie flat on the sand, so bring a chair or use the sand to build a backrest you can lean against while you relax.”LOTION UP “When you’re pregnant, your skin is so sensitive that you’ve really got to use sunscreen.”TAKE EVEN JUST A FEW DAYS “A vacation doesn’t have to be for a week to make it count.For those of you who have asked about her middle name, Max — we named her after my grandpa, Max, who unfortunately passed away about a month ago. I know she would have melted his heart, as she’s done to mine, and I would do anything to have them meet, even if its just for a brief moment.She was due on his birthday, and he couldn’t wait to meet her. Looking back on my pregnancy, I was lucky to have very few problems! However, now that it is all said and done, I couldn’t be happier to have a healthy, strong little girl — my scar is nothing but a battle wound!I kept hearing horror stories of miserable pregnancies and labor nightmares, but the only thing I ended up dreading was my C-Section. Everyone has been waiting so patiently for photos and comments from me, but I have been soaking up every second with Kirra, Corey, and our families. Until then, we appreciate your respect in allowing us to enjoy these special moments with our daughter in private., the reality TV show that made her famous."I can't believe it.

I had my first good night this week, after I got a Snoogle [pregnancy pillow].

Would you ever let your daughter star on a reality show? If you wait until the third trimester, you might start to get too big to do anything fun.”GET RESTED “I’m all about relaxing, so I think there’s no better place to go for a babymoon than the beach.

Corey was in New Zealand for work, without any phone reception, so I ended up telling his mom before I told him. Random people have been coming up to me and touching my belly. This guy at the airport asked if he could take a picture with me and put his hand right on my stomach. Meanwhile, my sister, Casey, who has two kids, had an epidural both times, and she made childbirth look easy. You’ll also have the perfect belly size, so you can still be active.

"So, there were points where there'd be romantic spots where we would get romantic and be very comfortable, and then I think life and working elsewhere other than the show kinda just pulled us apart.

We were mostly friends for the most part."Despite Brescia's statements, it's clear Patridge had serious feelings for the reality star, even admitting that she felt "hurt" when he and Cavallari started to fake date for the show."Before that even happened, Kristin and her boyfriend and me and Justin would go on double dates and we'd go to parties, so it was really weird for me," she confessed.

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