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Annie working with the FBI makes a lot more sense than her staying at community college for a seventh year — which she addresses in a later pitch. ” And Annie’s extremely right — why someone as smart, organized and driven as Annie still be at community college?“Being with you guys is great, but why is this a good choice for me? She’s always had big dreams, and been savvy enough to know how to achieve them, and it’s nice to see the show finally address that contradiction.“Community,” which has spent its six seasons on the brink of cancellation, has had the same conundrum with every season closer: making both a season finale that leaves room for more story, while at the same time making a series finale that ties up loose ends in case it truly is the end.The season six finale was no different — except for the fact that the episode had a heightened sense of finality, moreso than other season closers.While it's far from the best episode of the season, I do think this is a fantastic effort.And that's why I am giving "Social Psychology" a near-perfect 9 out of 10.Trying to figure out why people don’t use Linked In). In the next scene, Abed lays it out in a much more straightforward way.

He also forges a very friendly connection with Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown), after discovering that they have fun gossiping together. In big part because it is one of the episodes to really give the underrated character of Shirley something to do, and it allows her to really connect with another member in the study group in a way previous episodes hadn't quite done.

It fleshes out her character, and thus, the "family" of the Study-Group as a whole.

It's also a really fun episode of John Oliver, and it is probably his first really big "role" in an episode, despite having appeared before in the series.

The something else being some suggestive yet fluffy stuff set after S6 when Annie gets back from DC.

Based upon my headcanon that Jeff wants to take things slow.

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While Yahoo Screen and Sony Television have yet to make any official announcements regarding the fate of the show, the last episode of season six, aptly titled “The Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television,” seemed to be Dan Harmon and Chris Mc Kenna’s way of telling fans that, should it be the end, it’s all okay.

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