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Among the many other worthy causes that she has contributed to or become part of includes , which promotes literacy especially in people living in villages.Most recently, she joined the United Nations office on drugs and crime, an organization whose mandate is to curb human trafficking in India.She is an avid theatre performer has well and has been part of musical concerts all over the world, which form a big part of her career. Amisha Patel is an active member of PETA; an organization that works for the welfare of animals.

Pyaar Hai Bollywood actress Ameesha Patel has also sizzled in Telugu film industry.

It was set during the indo-Pakistani war of 1947 where she played the character of Sakeena, a Muslim girl who falls for Sunny Deol’s Character in the film.

She was nominated for best actress for this role as well.

At the time, she was dating Vikram Bhatt, and the run-ins between her and her parents caused a rift between the Patel and Bhatt families.

Amisha and the film director met on the set of a movie; ' Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage' and dated for five years after which they broke up in 2007.

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