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They probably don't want them turning out like Bryce & Adren. I have to give TJ his props in that department, his kids' education seems to be a top priority for him.Kids shouldn't grown up in a home w/constant arguing. Lastly, I think this is jealousy on some ppl's part.We're at the end of February & still no new music or new website as promised.

If that's all to who you are, ok, but don't use that to try to put other ppl down.And what the hell was Code-Z all about and what happened to it? I don't blame Taj for preferring to be with his wife & her sisters rather than some NEGATIVE family members. What I also don't like is that 3T's wives/gf/whatever, are all THEIR standard of beauty-light skinned/nonblack or / black, not fat, & they seem to cater to them.Yet, folks are still complaining & are always finding fault in some [email protected], I won't go that far as calling the T-Rio girls tramps but I do believe they are so overrated.I just don't see what their talent or lack there of, is all about.

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I don't think Frances would be tacky enough to tweet laughing about if their children disrespected TJ.

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