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In exchange for your help, they promise you a very large sum of money. Afterwards, they ask you to pay more and more for additional services, such as transactions or transfer costs.

You even receive papers that are supposed to make you believe that it’s all for real.

This way, if you’re not paying attention, you might end up giving your login credentials and other personal information.

To keep yourself safe from identity theft and data breach, we recommend using a specialized security program against this type of dangers.

There isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t be very well prepared for this attempt.

However, even if you install a good antivirus program, there is no better way to stay safe from this threat but to avoid the initial infection phase.

One more classic scam which never seems to get old.

The lottery scam comes as an email message informing you that you won a huge amount of money and all you need to do to collect your fortune is to pay some small fees. It doesn’t even matter that you don’t recall ever purchasing lottery tickets.

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Internet services and websites make it easy for us to pay bills, shop, make online reservations and even work. Criminal minds can reach these days further than before, into our private lives, our homes and work offices. Attack methods and tools vary from traditional attack vectors, which use malicious software and vulnerabilities present in almost all the programs and apps (even in the popular Windows operating systems), to ingenious phishing scams deployed from unexpected regions of the world, where justice can’t easily reach out to catch the eventual perpetrators.

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