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But you’ll need to send your own emails, stuff your own envelopes, proofread and prep your own manuscript, etc. Our Full Service clients who are making regular submissions are “screened” by our Review Board.But our A La Carte clients, who submit irregularly as they please, do not need Review Board approval.With A La Carte, Writer’s Relief will do all of the research so you can send your writing for publication (or agent representation) to the 25 best markets for your unique work. If you don’t want to wrestle with the query letter for your book (or the cover letter for your short works), our expert writers can compose it for you in a collaborative process.And if you don’t want to individually address all of your letters (cover OR query) we can do that for you too.We know the tips that don’t get printed in market books.We also offer an exceptional price, given the number of hours you’ll save by having Writer’s Relief do your research.

Plus, only Writer’s Relief tracks agents’ and editors’ personal responses as they express their idiosyncrasies and preferences to our clients.

Our Full Service writers are deeply invested in establishing a reputation for strong writing.

They want Writer’s Relief to take on most of the burden of making submissions so they have more time to perfect their craft.

Consider this: To send out 25 well-targeted and well-prepared submissions, you’ll need to research MORE than just the 25 markets that might like your work; you’ll need to research (and rule out) the hundreds of markets that are right for your work. You might be able to find another submission service, but we’ve been around since 1994—we have a proven track record of success.

For just 0 (plus shipping/handling costs), Writer’s Relief will research and hand-select the 25 best markets for your work. We offer 100% customized research so that your writing lands in the right hands.

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