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Perfect example of what America’s immigrants had to go through!

The passports contained specific sections, such as medical check, baggage check, information center, and interview.

Parents of 3A and 3B, Your child is coming home with a set of instructions for a social studies STEM project I have assigned. There should be a page of instructions and also a packet for them to complete along side their project.

The idea is to turn our 3rd graders into little engineers and have them invent something. We are more than ready to get out there and explore the Liberty Science Center. Here is some info you will need to prepare your child for the trip: .

We are learning about some important inventions of the past in SS class right now. They are to bring their invention into school and present it along with their packet. I will be sending home a paper today with all the information you will need to prepare your child for it. Also, I am requesting any tissue box/lysol wipe donations you can send in.

The project must be realistic and it must function. We are going through quite a few of them and we don’t have enough to last the year. please let me know if you are able to make the trip as a chaperone.

We will focus on division practice for those students are in school today. On-Level students now have their math fractions test next Tuesday instead of this Friday. The children can bring in an appropriate board game to share if their friends if they would like. They will be reciting it every morning during assembly from now on, so that should help them memorize it as well. Also, the students have been asked to participate in a catholic schools week project where they must try to complete one genuine act of kindness for someone. So all the chains will be linked together and most likely, walked through church at our school mass during catholic schools week.

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