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For instance, if you need a series of lamp posts along a street, each lamp post wouldn’t be unique, instead there would be one asset created, and that asset would then be duplicated within the game engine.Unity allows you to intuitively create these types of duplicates using what is called a prefab.

and it shows a progress bar "UPDATING INSTANCES" that takes a lot to finish :(I haven't added new objets on scene, only copied (cloned) same trees and cars as instances and so on. Now, it’s a unique object and no longer an instanced or referenced object.You can attach it to the original object as we do with Copy.If we tweak the vertices or apply any modifier to our original object, the Copy Clone will still remain unchanged. Press Ctrl V again and select Instance from the dialog then click OK.Now, unlike Copy, whatever changes we make to the original object, all these changes will reflect on its Instance clone and similarly, if we modify the instance the same change will also reflect on the Master / original object.

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