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So her natural curiosity makes her an avid fan of virtually any kind of toy; she's not too caught up in specific interests or gender conventions.She just likes to play, and the more diverse the toys, the better.It’s getting close to that time of year again when you have to find the perfect gifts for your girlfriend.The witches come out to frighten you and ghosts of ex-girlfriends’ past haunt your every waking moment.Towers start out small (two or three blocks at most), but as fine motor skills improve, they'll get higher and higher.Choose alphabet blocks because they serve a dual purpose: They're the right shape and size for stacking and they help familiarize children with the ABCs.But here's the good news: It's still easy to shop for a present for your toddler's second birthday.She's still trying to master walking and running, holding a crayon and scribbling on paper, increasing her vocabulary, and putting sentences together.

"Running helps toddlers get in touch with their bodies." Games of catch allow a child to practice taking turns, a key skill for social development.You can find a wide range of dress-up dolls, which feature removable clothing, buckles, straps, laces, zippers, buttons, and snaps.Soft dolls designed for this purpose are made by Gund (which offers an Elmo doll), International Playthings, and Manhattan Toy.Allowing a favorite doll or stuffed animal at the table to "eat" play food with small forks is another way to teach gross and fine motor skills.Simple square wooden blocks are the hallmark of a toddler's basic construction work: stacking, building, knocking down, rebuilding.

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As the owner of Magic Beans, a children's toy store in the Boston area, I spend a lot of time researching toys and development.

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