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That was my idea first', the moment's gone."I was sent a link to Rebecca Solnit's 2014 book by Jessica Bennett, a whole book of strategies for women who want to be heard in corporate settings.

Someone reminded me that in the first US presidential debate Trump interrupted Clinton 51 times while Clinton interrupted Trump 17 times.

New Zealand shuts down for summer and the results took weeks to come back, so in the meantime, I rang up comedian and columnist Michèle A'Court, who had recently conducted her own bit of social research into how men and women talk.

So A'Court sat at her computer, deleting all of the posts from people with male-sounding names.

Sometimes, "other nice men would jump in and defend me, but I would delete them too, because a rule is a rule." A'Court may be a provocateur, but she's also really polite, so after each deletion, she'd flick off a private messages to the deleted male, explaining this was a one-off thing so women could talk on this one issue without being drowned out, and it wasn't really censorship because her Facebook page was basically her living room, and today, "you're not invited to this particular party".

I wasn't trying to manipulate you, that's just what I do now." (It clearly works, as I perceived Spencer's grunts to be highly intelligent.)AT LAST: RESULTS!

Eventually, after a deadline extension and some drop-outs, the results dribbled in.

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I've also had my exact idea poached multiple times at work (usually by a man).

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